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    Choose your words carefully

    Griffin. You have to choose your words pretty carefully with him, because he’s REALLY good at finding the line between what you say and what you mean. This SO does not bode well for us. Let’s share a story.

    I’m in the car with the kids driving to school.

    Me: Hey guys. I have a challenge for you. Should you chose to accept it…
    Griffin: What is it?
    Me: Ok, you have TWO days to complete this. If you see a kid in your school that is feeling down or sad, I want you to make them feel better. You know… lift them up.
    Griffin: (after some pause) Can it be ANY kid, from ANY grade?
    Me: Sure!
    Griffin: Good! Cuz it’s pretty easy to lift a kindergardener. You just go behind them and pick them up.
    Me: (head smack). No! “Lift up!” as in “lift up their spirits”. Make them happy, if they’re sad. No feet, on the part of the recipients can leave the ground.

    Here is now where I’m seeing I also need to be more explicit.

    Me: You’re also NOT allowed to make them sad first so you can make them happy.

    Meanwhile, I know kid is cackling in the back. Sigh!

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