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    Blew my mind

    Tonight as after-dinner treat the kids wanted this bag of candy corn. We were quizzing G on how to split it. There were 8 corn pieces inside. S asked G if everyone got a candy corn, how many pieces would everyone get? Pretty quickly, G answered 4.

    Then I threw him in for a loop. I said “I hate candy corn, so I don’t want any” (this is all true, by the way). So now how many do the rest of you get?

    At this point G busts out… and I mean, doesn’t even stop to think: “Well, two of us would get 3 and one would only get 2”. I’m pretty sure by jaw dropped. I thought diving by 4 would be hard…. let alone dividing by 3 and dealing with remainders. I don’t know what voodoo math he’s picking up and from where, but I’m all for it. Carry on, child! Carry on!

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