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    A different kind of Movie Monday

    I went away on a business trip last week. I brought my little iPad Air with me. It’s my device, though 90% of it’s use these days is done by individuals under 4′ in height. As such, I’ve been discovering some “goodies” on it…

    As I opened up my photos app to look through some of the images I had taken during one of the panels I sat on. Instead I found what is close to 100 photos and videos. Of what? Lesse, corner of G’s forehead. Another corner of G’s forehead. Same corner of G’s forehead… about 10 times in succession. Then some blurry examples of his minecraft dragon, S’ desk… all with at least 5 exposures of each. You get the picture? (no pun intended)
    Nestled in these were also a couple of videos. One of them stood out because it was quite long. Of what you say? See for yourself.
    Feel free to keep the audio off — it provides absolutely no value.

    I started watching it, a bit confused. Maybe he thought he was still in still mode, but was accidentally recording in video. I mean why else spend so much time recording your feet. But as I kept watching his journey around our home, it became very clear to me that this was no accident — it was intentional. And in his thinking, G took a full on tour around the house opening every door he had access to, presenting it all to his home movie. I started cracking up before we were a minute in, and kept laughing all the way through. Well… all except to the point where he took the video into the bathroom, put the toilet seat down, and I seriously thought he was about to record himself using the restroom. Thankfully that is NOT featured. So then I continued on with the laughing. Mind you, I was watching this at a bit after midnight, hoping my housemates didn’t think I was looney.

    The next day I asked him about it. Surprisingly he still remembered doing it, given that he recorded it back in early April. I asked him what he was trying to do? His answer? Try to see how long of a video he could take and fill up the pad. D’oh! Well, lucky for me he got bored after 6 minutes and two passes through the house.

    So yes, enjoy! I’m sure it will not have nearly the same entertainment value to you as it did to me, but have at it anyway. My butt makes a cameo :-/ — I’m going to have to teach this kid a bit more about composition.

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