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    Where’s the punch line?

    G has been making a very concerted effort to tell jokes. I’m privy to a number of knock-knock and why did the “whatever” cross the road. Lemme give you a sampling:

    G: mama, knock knock!
    Me: who’s there?
    G: [giggles]

    The variation of the above:

    G: knock, knock
    Me: who’s there?
    G: butt! [laughs at himself]

    Occasionally ‘butt’ is replaced with ‘poop’… because apparently its never too early for toilet humor.

    His road crossing jokes are also in need of a punch line. Example:

    G: why did the squirrel cross the road?
    Me: I dunno, why?
    G: I dunno either

    He’s actually a really funny kid, but is so much better when he doesn’t try.

    He did, however, give me one that did actually made me laugh:

    G: mom, what do the cows do when they go out?
    Me: I dunno, what?
    G: they go to the moo-vies

    Ah, yes. 4 yr old humor 🙂

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