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    S2 is swimming every day this summer. He’s enrolled in classes, which is great, since this kid hasn’t seen an instructor on this topic since last summer. Getting them in classes at the same time, while coordinating work schedules, and week-end activities just hasn’t worked out. He’s reclaiming his sea-legs, let’s just say. He’s definitely a lot more mature in the water than he used to be. For example, he’s no longer trying to drain the pool by drinking it. Win! However, his attention span is that of a gnat, and I heard his instructor yell out his name just about every other second. I’m hoping swimming through this summer will make him a little more water independent.

    G also hasn’t had any lessons over the past year, but he’s still holding his own in the pool. He’s relying more heavily on the doggie paddle, though, which makes me a little sad, given that he was swimming butterfly style (well… for beginners) last summer.

    I watched both of them swim last week… and I took photos. I got subjected to a slew of inquisition from G’s classmates over why I was there, and how come I wasn’t at work, and how I was able to take the time off of work to do that. What I was really hearing was a lot of excuses other parents gave their kids on why they couldn’t be there: I get it. I normally AM that parent, myself. Punches you in the gut to hear it from the other side, though.
    G dug having the camera around mostly because he was the kid with a parent around. I dug that he and his buddy B were more or less doing what I asked them to… though B is by far a much more willing subject.

    Here goes:


















    I want more swim-time photos of the kids. Now that I feel pretty comfortable with the GoPro, I see a community pool visit coming up soon with some under-water fun. Consider this my “above ground” contribution for the year.

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