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    Not too perfect…

    S2’s has been working on his behavior at school. I won’t lie — the kid is far from perfect, but he is improving. His teacher has been using a color scale. There was a period of time, when he spent more time in the yellow and red than he did in the green. We had to do something. So out came the behavior chart… again. We did this with G, and it felt right to try w/ S2.
    Then again… there are days like today, where in reading his report for the day, and going to the next page, I spot this:


    I guess he’s pre-loading his behavior?
    My favorite part to this though? He didn’t give himself straight A’s. You know… he’s trying to keep it realistic with one sad face, at lunch, which is occasionally one of his rough periods.

    I’m both mortified about my future, and a little impressed with him right now.

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