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    Meet Rose. She’s our Elf. Yes, this is an “Elf on the Shelf”. No, she does not go to the North Pole to creepily report on the behavior status of the kids to Santa. I, quite honestly, have been jealous seeing other parents do kooky things with dolls, and wanted to join in the fun. I just had to think of an alternative purpose for an elf in our home. So our Rose helps people, because that’s what elves do. She goes out at night and helps out people in need. She comes home in the early morning.

    G decided that our elf should be a girl, and he got to name her. He proposed two other names: the first I forget (because it was non-sensical, but I’m sure it contained the word “poop”), and the second was Tree. We were talking about our incoming new friend on our way home and G said “No! I have an even better idea! Let’s call her Rose”. Old school; I have no idea how he came up with it, but Rose it is.

    Today, Rose was discovered taking a bath in a bowl of cereal.

    I just didn’t have the heart to pour milk on our brand new Elf, but G thought it was awesome just the same.

    Tomorrow, the kids will wake to discover Rose fishing in the bathroom sink. Man, how do I wish we were a family that ate Goldfish right now! Annie’s bunnies will have to do. So just pretend, OK?

    G is still REALLY hard to get to wake up in the morning. Today S helped him get dressed and ready, but then as all of us were trying to get shoes on, I went up to G’s bedroom, to see him face down on his mattress, trying to get back to sleep. I prompted him to come down and see how silly Rose was being. He immediately perked up and went on down. I’m hopeful this will be a continuing trend, because if it helps me get out of the house on time, Rose will be my new best friend. Forget blackmail into good behavior: I’ll take this, instead!

    I now reserve the right to spam my social network feed with daily elf photos. ‘Cuz really, let’s be honest: this is for ME to have fun. BUAHAHAHAHA!

    ETA: G got up this morning and the very first thing out of his mouth was about Rose and asking what she was up to. He got dressed fast, with no objection and then was excited to go on a hunt for her. Score!!!! Oh, and here’s some video:


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