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    Grateful, but bummed

    I started writing this post last Friday, and for some reason I just can’t really formulate my wording to finish it through.

    We applied to a public charter school for G to start kinder next year. It was a lottery based system, and we’re far enough on the list that we won’t get in. I’m sad, and ok; disappointed, and still OK.

    In my heart of hearts I KNOW this is a good thing. I’ve been torn on sending G to kinder this year. Just ‘cuz he’s eligible didn’t really mean he was fully ready, and I feel like this was the universe’s way to let us know it’s not his time yet. For this I am grateful.

    We’ll apply again next year. Our chances then will be even slimmer, but I’m comforted knowing that if we don’t get a spot, our local school options are great too.

    I go back and forth between feeling fine with our fate, and disappointed we didn’t get this opportunity. I’m going through my stages of grief ;p

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