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    First day, dragons and voter fraud

    Following up after my last post, S2 had a GREAT first day at his new pre-school.

    Drop off was surprisingly easy. It was like …. “wait for the shoe to drop” kind of easy. He walked in, wrote in his name (that’s how they sign in for the day), showed off his lovey to his teachers, and let us go. No clinging, no tears. I probably was holding back more tears than him.
    His teacher welcomed him showing him his seat on his cubbby, some building toys she thought he would like, and invited him for breakfast (they serve breakfast there as well as lunch).

    At pick-up both the director (at the new school) and his new teacher commented on what a great day he had. This program does two positive reinforcement techniques, which I think are cool:
    1) A “stick” chart, where you can earn different sticks for doing good things. Like a friendship stick, for doing something kind for a friend. S2 got all his sticks today. Sweet! Maybe it’s first day sticks, but whatever — great way to start off a new environment. And it’s awesome that it’s something that he can feel he has accomplished.
    2) Popcorn party. The class, together, earns a popcorn kernel whenever they do something good. When they get to 20 popcorn pieces, the whole classroom gets a popcorn party. They’re one kernel away, so hopefully sometime next week they’ll get to that 20 — for a kid like S2 that digs popcorn, I think that will be another great perk to experience.

    His teacher read the evaluation report we gave her from the parenting coach that observed S2. We talked about it, and it was really good to hear her talk about her own approach to the classroom.

    The class recently did a chapter on Chinese New Years. They made a dragon head, and since they were done she was going to throw it away. Guess who requested to take it home instead? Yeah — we’re now the proud owners of a cardboard dragon head… and apparently a 5yr old dragon. I’m cool with this — yet another piece for our mounting cardboard box collection in our living room.


    Oh yea… voter fraud. The class is talking about presidents this week. Hence the white house project. Also they voted for a class president. S2 voted. For himself. Twice! Alas he didn’t win.

    I’m relieved to be honest. I know this is just the start. I know that the true test will come when he shows bad day side. But I’m glad it started off on a good foot.

    2 responses to “First day, dragons and voter fraud”

    1. Miranda says:

      This brought some serious tears to Ms. M’s eyes!!!

      • avalikelava says:

        One of the best parenting decisions we’ve made for Storm — I have NO regrets, and as a matter of fact Shane and I only say that we wish we’d found you guys sooner.
        1) Your program is actually SO much richer than what we’ve experienced. I thought focusing on letters and math was enough. I was not expecting the incredibly versatile and (frankly what I consider) advanced curriculum you and J put together. I feel he got such an opening to our world in your class.
        2) You guys are just simply fabulous teachers, with big hearts and it was what he genuinely needed.

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