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    Cookies & Santa

    My friend M hosts a Santa party every year. Her dad has been dressing up as the jolly dude for years, and now that she has a little girl, the party comes back to her each year. I love spending time with my friends, even in the presence of a red suit. G really wants to believe in Santa. He hears about him at school. It’s hard to keep it away. He’s not really buying my version of the story much either, though.

    At the party, G mostly hid underneath the coffee table by “Santa”. He photo bombed probably 90% of all the other kids’ pics. But he wouldn’t talk to the guy. Later he said, he didn’t want to tell Santa what he wanted: he wanted to show him. He was actually worried on the days leading up to Christmas that he never got a chance to ask him for his Hot Wheels arcade game. Our promises that S and I were his Santas were met with great skepticism. At least the cookies were a hit 🙂

    S2 had a blast though! When asked what he wanted he replied “A dirty sock!” Luckily for him, it’s something easy to come by.










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    1. Kirsten says:

      Serenity asked Santa for “Cake. Chocolate. And vanilla.” Sadly, she did not get that.

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