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    When I was little, there used to be a TV show that come on every night at 8pm. I wrote about it here, previously, and it’s been a song that’s been making it’s rounds nightly at bedtime with the boys. They don’t really know what the words mean. G has been trying to sing it, and I’ve been translating it to him, but it took me a bit by surprise that S2 was the one to accompany me last night… out of no-where. I had to pause and ask him to do it again so I can record it from Grandma and Grandpa to see.

    So Grandma and Grandpa? This one’s for you!

    PS. There is an actual video here. It’s dark (it’s bed-time after all), but if your monitor is as crappy as mine at work, it will appear black. Sound is fine on it’s own, but the imagry is worth it finding a better screen.

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