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    An early Mother’s Day gift

    G ran into our bedroom this morning fully dressed (thanx, S for letting me sleep in and taking care of the boys!). He asked “Mommy, can we go to Special Breakfast for Mother’s Day” Ok, so that alone is not a bad way to wake up. G and I do a 1:1 “special breakfast” at Heidi’s Pies in San Mateo once in a while. I asked “do you want to do that today, or Sunday on Mother’s Day”. “Today!” he replied. I didn’t have any early morning work commitments so it was a date. He even asked to pay, although he posed it as “you can give me money and then I can pay.” Ok, still cute!

    We did have a breakfast. We even played Tic-tac-toe while we waited for our food. In the end, as we headed to pay, G went back to the table. Apparently he had dropped his tooth-picks and spent a while gathering them up. I was going to give him cash to pay, but at this point I figured “Nah!” and gave the lady my card. He came up as she handed me the receipt to sign. Then he started digging in his pocket. And out comes a folded up wad of bills. He really WAS planning on paying for breakfast!!! Yeah, everything was clearly orchestrated (or at the least heavily assisted by S), but it totally melted my heart.

    Not a bad way to start the day, or Mother’s Day week-end for that matter!

    Love you boys!

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