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    Tummy time = barf

    G’s not a fan of the tummy time. I’ve tried just putting him on a blanket, using a boppy pillow, putting him on his activity mat. No luck as of yet. It all produces an instantly whining, crying, then shrieking baby.

    Today, I tried to get creative using some advice from my fellow Nesties. I lied down on the floor and put him belly down on me so that if he picks up his head a tad he’ll see my face. First reaction upon head-lift produced a smile and a giggle. I’m thinking “Score! Maybe this will be the charm”… and then a millisecond later came the spitup of all spitups.

    Of course. All on my neck and then my freshly cleaned sweater. Tasty!

    After cleaning his face off, his outfit, my shirt, cleavage and the look of “ew, gross” on my face, I put his burp rag on my belly then G on top. Alas, there ended the smiles of tummy time. Back to crying it went.

    Sigh. At this rate, I think I’ll be able to train Neko to roll-over on command before G.

    My sole comfort in this is knowing that I haven’t yet met an adult that can’t roll-over. G will get there! He might be walking before it happens, but he’ll roll-over and tolerate being on his belly at some point.

    3 responses to “Tummy time = barf”

    1. Mrs.K&C says:

      Same exact boat, here – I tried the superman thing the nesties suggested (holding her over my head) and she did like that but yup, the spit up followed. Luckily it missed my face and just landed on my sweatshirt.

      They’ll roll eventually, tummy time or not.

    2. Karen says:

      My pediatrician says to do tummy time after changing the diaper. I have no idea why she suggested that but Emmett (my baby) does better during that time for some reason.

    3. Rebecca says:

      James hated it too.. I just did tummy time on my chest in the recliner, starting about 45 degrees or so and worked my way down as he got used to it. I don’t remember if he ever tolerated tummy time on the floor before he could roll over to get out of it anyway. But definitely not right after a meal and it helps if they just peed because it puts pressure on the bladder.

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