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    We graduated from our RE clinic!

    Today has been a good day. We had our second ultrasound and it went well. There’s still a kid in there hanging strong. No miracle twin surprises.

    But you wanna see it?

    8w3d u/s - front view

    8w3d u/s - side view

    In the first picture at the top it’s looking right at you, so you see its little hunched head and limb nubbins. At the bottom photo you can get a better side view. And yeah, that’s probably not a nose quite yet, but it’s where a future nose is forming.

    The little peanut is measuring 18mm crown to rump – that’s roughly the size of an edamame bean. It has a strong little heart beat of 169bpm, which may be high to you and I, but it’s a good measurement for an embryo.

    Because we’re doing so well, our RE clinic has “graduated” us from their care. I will now be transferred to the care of my regular OBGYN. I have an appointment with them next Tuesday, so a week away. S is coming with me. I’m hoping that he can give me his opinion afterwards if we should stay with that practice or look for a new OB.
    Meanwhile, I’m having a copy of all my records sent to me. Apparently if your doctor has records from another physician, if you ever transfer care they can only copy and transfer their own records and won’t transfer anything done by another provider. All this means is that my RE records will be missing if I switch OB’s down the line. FYI to all you other folk out there.

    I’ll also be reducing my Progesterone daily dosage. I’ll go down to taking it 2 times a day vs. 3, and in two weeks I’ll go down to only once daily. S has come up with all-so-pretty names for these pills. I wanna share so badly, but it would turn this post from the remotely PG-13 content to a very clear X-rated category.

    8 responses to “We graduated from our RE clinic!”

    1. love22 says:

      Congratulations on your graduation 🙂

    2. Yay for graduation!! WooHoo!
      And a very cute someday a nose too!

    3. Angela says:

      That’s so awesome!!! Congrats! I’m happy for you! 🙂

    4. Evonne says:

      He/she looks bigger than an edamame bean! YAY for the strong heartbeat… can’t wait to see if it’s a boy or a girl. Do you and S wanna find out?

    5. emeraldwed says:

      Yay, yay, yay! Congrats on the milestone, and he/she looks so cute!

    6. sjbride05 says:

      What a great picture! Congrats on grduating!

    7. Alex says:

      This is Alex S’s second cousin*since thats what you refer to him in the bog*! Aunt C showed me the pictures and told me the names that you have picked out for your NEW ADDITION! CONGRATS! You will love being a mother! the whole wakeing up all night gets tireing! but its soooooo rewarding! I ABSOUTLY LOVE THE NAME ZOE ALEXA for a girl! 🙂 well, Good luck on your new journey! You will be a great mommy!

      Well, I’m going to get ready for school!

    8. Kirsten says:

      S/he is beautiful!

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